Going from Struggle to Strategy!

A Six week Series:  Designed for the

"Single and Satisfied"

My Awakening My Passion My Strategy

It's in my hands
My Road Blocks My Breakthrough

Will the Real you  My LEGACY
My Belief System My Transformation

It'll work, if you work it

Authentically YOU!


How to Make 

Make 10K+ per month online

Wake, Pray, Slay!


  3-week mindset makeover 

invest in you!

Going from Struggle to Strategy!

6-Week Series - Designed for the

"Single and Satisfied"

Sessions include:

My Awakening, My Passion, My Strategy,

It's in my hands,
My Road Blocks, My Breakthrough,

Will the Real you please stand up,  

My Belief System, My Soul Purpose



Dare To LOVE!

Relationships Matter

For Rich or Richer, for Better or Best, in good health!  Till death do us part.  

"I Do"

"Dare to love" 12 week program guaranteed to draw you closer to you partner!

Life Coach Certification

Become a certified Life Coach in 6

 weeks! This program focuses on the mind.

"Manifesting Abundance" designed to Re-Invent YOU!

Think it! Speak it Manifest it!

Shifting Paradigms.  Removing Road Blocks!

Are you ready to do something you've never done before?  



         Business Forums

           Motivational Speeches!

                 Team Builders!


                       1-2 hours





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