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Feed a Friend Mini Garden.jpg


Box size: 20 W x 24 - in L x 10 - in Earth Brown only Resin Raised garden Bed

Let's help!  I'm excited to announce a new program we've started up called "Feed-A-Friend" Program. Learning how to grow pesticide-free vegetables!  This program is designed to teach Single Moms how to grow their own vegetables!  How to be self-sufficient.  If you know of a Single Mom that could use some help nominate and donate and we will do the rest! We will send them a small Raised Garden Bed starter kit!    You can donate any amount  $3 $5, $10 $20 or more.  Let's bring farming back!


Thank you for your support!  

Note:  We accept all donations however, we will only mail or give away kits for donations of $25 or more due to shipping costs)... the kits include Earth Brown Resin Raised Garden Bed 20 inch W x 24 inch L X 10 inch.

 2 packs of vegetable seeds. 1 bag of Top soil. 

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